Among the colourful and crumbling Baroque facades of Havana’s old town,
a group of young boys bet cigar cards on which of them can race to the street
corner the quickest. One of them is Yusef Fernandez Perez.
And for him, running would become the defining narrative of his life.

Director @basvanest
Cinematography @Jasperdekloetdp
Creative Direction & Production @Teresamontenegrous
Creative Direction & Story @Christophersomething
Edit @hiro_ikematsu
Grading @JosephBicknell at @company_3
Music @paulreeves
Sound Design & Mix @randall_w_macdonald
Sound Design & Foley @marmaboog
Camera Stabilisation @why_not_h & @leonardograssi.raw
Film & Title Design @mikashi.yakamato
Motion Graphics @earthbound_spaceman