Shortfilm “Kherrazi [11:11]” is a documentary about a professional  basketball player Mohamed Kherrazi (Mo). Mo grew up in Morocco with his brothers who all played basketball. They learned everything from watching old basketball tapes. At the age of twelve Mohamed’s father took his family to the Netherlands. Moving to a new country at the age of twelve wasn’t  easy. He didn’t speak the language, missed Morocco and his friends. Despite family hardship he started to see new opportunities. Basketball became his foundation in this new reality.
- Vimeo Staff picked -
- Young Director Award Nominee 2020 Passion Project -
- 1.4 Awards longlist 2021 On The Cusp -
- Selected Rotterdam Sport Film Festival 2020 -
- Selected Olympic Film Festival 2020 -
- Featured on Booooom TV -
- Featured on Beyond the Short -
- Featured on Think Very Little -

Director: Jasper de Kloet
Director of Photography: Jasper de Kloet
1st AC: Lars Inhulsen
Editor: Renze Royé
Music composer: Joshua Aaron
Colorgrading: Joppo @ De Grot
Design: Badir Shawky

Mohamed Kherrazi
Soufjaan Tata
Merwan Tata
Hicham Kherrazi
Saida Kherrazi
Lwazani kherrazi

Kherrazi family
Maloney Amsterdam