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short film

writer & director, producer - Lotte van Raalte

Evelyn, Alicia & Frida are three young Mexican women, each with a strong connection to their bodies and nature. 
They embrace nature as their home and use their bodies as a mirror of how they feel, they truly listen. 
By going inward, touching their subconscious, they hear generations of women being silenced through violence and trauma. 
They feel a responsibility for the time we live in now. To speak up and reclaim the powers of 
women and nature: transformation, reconciliation & healing.

“Guerreras” (warrior women) is a debut-film directed by Lotte van Raalte. A hypnotic journey through body and mind, 
human and earth, silence and scream, pain and hope, ego and humility, disorder and harmony. 
The short film is an overwhelming portrait of women in a world of ancestral trauma and gender inequality. 
Through an experimental personal process van Raalte found her own voice, which she uses to speak up for those who have been silenced. 
It’s a film from generations of women, for all women and future generations.